Saturday, August 27, 2005

List Your Favorite Sites While On The Move

They call themselves the idea is to be able to track and tag your searches while surfing the web, the coolest thing is that you can access your favorites from any web browser whether sitting at home, on your mobile phone or chillin at a hotel on the road, there are your favorites. Another cool feature is being able to view other registered members' favorites as well, this give you an idea of what others are looking at and searching for, in fact, this method has given me many leads on things I would have never thought of looking for.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

****The Latest DEMOs By The TRSQ****

Its been awhile and many friends and fans across the globe have asked, when are you guys gonna put some joints out there, well its a work in progress, in the meantime here are some new DEMOS for you to check out.
Click The Link At Top of Page

VOXefx---The Other Half of The TRSQ

Voxefx is the other half of the TRSQ, his talents not only include music and audio production but also amazing digital photography, be sure to click on the link and check out his stunning photos as well as demo songs of the TRSQ on his blogspot
Click Here To See VOXefx

Thursday, August 18, 2005

TRSQs Daily Commentary-Wonder

Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue during the day but red during sunset, why the space shuttle can stay in orbit, why hang nails hurt so much, why the moon appears closer some nights than others, why your undies/panties get in bunch sometimes but not others, why some one calls you after you've thought about them all day, why others call when you never think about them, why summer goes so quickly but winter seems to hang around so long, why a few think the war in Iraq is OK most most of mankind thinks it is a travesty, well, some of these "wonders" have scientific and educated answers, while others are just... wonder why we are on this big marble in the first place and when will this ride really end... or does it ever end and if so do you no that it has ended... wonder?
These are opinions of Theron of the TRSQ and just that, opinions, these views are not to offend or disrespect but only to open the inner mind to new perspectives