Friday, September 09, 2005


Podcasting has been around for a bit, but many friends that i've talked to hadnt heard of this medium so, from the kindness of my heart, hear is an example of a podcast directory (there are many in the internet universe) but this will get you started. The whole concept of podcasting is that "you" can create your own broadcast and and send it to the world, folks have podcast topics that range from talking about light bulbs to voyerism to hurricane Katrina to any type of music you can think of, check it out!. Also you can download these podcast, they are mp3 formatted which enables one to upload them into your mobile mp3 player or upload into your automobile mp3 player. So, you can take your favorite podcast broadcasts on the road with you. It is The TRSQ's goal to have a podcast in the very, very near future, will keep you updated.

NBA stars set for hurricane relief game - 09/08/05- on TNT

While surfing the channels last night, longing for basketball, but satisfied with the start of football, noticed a familiar face Kenny "The Jet" Smith, giving an interview on CNBC (the financial channel). Of course I turned up the volume to hear what this great former NBA player and current TNT NBA analyst was talking about, turns out he is the organizer of the upcoming All-Star NBA Katrina Relief Game, that will be featured on TNT at 1100 p.m. I knew my boys would pull through with something big, they have already raised over $1,000,000 for the relief in the gulf coast region, good job guys, be sure to tune in.