Monday, November 21, 2005

New Demo---Deep and Tight (Lounge Mix)

All I can say is MAN, it took me 3 weeks to pump this joint out, my sked has been so crazy wasnt able to get the hours in that I needed to really focus and get the tracks down. Well here she blows, check it out and let me know what yall think, enjoy! Deep and Tight (Lounge Mix) or hit the play button under My Dancin Friend to the left.


Security Access Control & Anti-Terror Tool - GK1

GK1 may be going a litttle to far,: "GK1 is a security access control system, providing an easy to use voice analysis solution to determine if the purpose of the access is legitimate"
They may have taken the whole terror threat to another level, its bad enough that, one has to take off her or his shoes, remove belts, and all other exploratory methods used before getting on an commercial aircraft, now they will question you to see if you are telling a lie, what?.... there has to be some kind of law on the books that prevents such tactics, if anyone knows the law specifically please let me know.