Thursday, November 17, 2005

Buffie The Body Video

Well friends, here we go again, so many fans of Buffie, have inindated my blog for Buffie shots, finally got my hands on a video shot of her while shooting one of her many music videos, check this one out, simply amazing! Click Video Link (to the right) in The Link Corner

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Hurricane Katrina and Riots in France reports "drownings and dislocation in the United States, riots across France - has forced each nation to confront problems of racism and poverty that are deeply entrenched but usually ignored"

Lil Kim- It's Just Sumtin 'Bout Her Style

Get home soon!

Damn Serena Is It Like That?

Looks like Serena Williams got a lil bite action going on, its alright though, the goods are still good. credit: VoxCelebre'