Monday, April 17, 2006

The TRSQ Commentary- Conformity

A dear friend of mine passed on a book to me to read, I thought it prudent to relay a passage that really hit home for me personally, and it too, may do the same for you, its about 'conformity'
we all adhere to this dreaded "C" word in some form or fashion:

One thing you must put aside in order to fulfill your destiny is conformity. We all conform in hundreds of ways. Even those of us who feel we have travelled on our own seperate paths, who have lived more of less as free and independent spirits are conformist to some extent but you must realize the ways in which you should not conform. You should not lead your life according to the dictates and mandates of others. Confoming to the whims and standards of others is insidious and dangerous. There is a human tendency, no doubt acquired and strengthened in childhood to believe that whatever people in significant numbers are doing must be correct or so many would not be doing it. We live in a society in which popularity is confused with superiorty or excellence. For example the most popular consumer brands are not neccessarily the best consumer brands. American made cars and clothing are heavily advertised and therefore are most popular. But the truth of matter is, the great majoirity of people seldom enjoy the best of anything clothes, cars, cuisine or life-style. The best is never the most popular. You must find your own unique pathway in the world; the masses or majority never do. Until you set the tone for your existence, you will follow others, who are, in turn following you as you. As you continue your trek to greatness you must remember this: If you do the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing you'll probably avoid one of lifes most costly mistakes---conforming.

These are the opinions of Theron of the TRSQ and just that, opinions, these views are not to offend or disrespect but only to open the inner mind to new perspectives.

courtesy of Think and Grow Rich, A Black Choice, by Dennis Kimbro and Napoleon Hill