Saturday, November 12, 2005

Oprah Winfrey Presents The Color Purple on Broadway

Oprah Winfrey Presents The Color Purple on BroadwayYou either liked the movie or you did'nt well now here is your chance to check out the musical on Broadway in NYC, checked the tickets and there are still openings, the tickets range from $155 to $281.

Video telephony- We'll Be Talking Face To Face Very Soon

Video telephony: "Most people living today do not remember a time before radio, television, and telephones. High school students cannot recall a time before personal computers, and kids entering first grade this September will not remember a time before mobile phones."
The TRSQ Commentary-" The military and mega-millionaires have been using this technology for awhile, its now working its way down to the working class--get ready- you think webcams were something, this will take the world of communication to a whole new level, I call it "sexnology" folks have managed to incorporate "sex" into all areas of communication from, T.V. porn to text sexage (text "sex" messaging). Can you imagine the frenzy!

LimeWire Becomes P2P Icon

Observations dictate this is not an unreasonable estimate. Gnutella has grown from a virtually useless network to a high performance P2P community capable of obtaining a wide array of information. The ease and resourcefulness of Gnutella, especially for music, has once again given P2P an icon. LimeWire's cultural popularity has become parallel, if not greater, than Napster, as it too has gained household recognition.