Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It's Time!

How many times have you been side tracked, how many times have you said " I just don't have enough time", how many times have you blamed others for your own procrastination, how many times have you given up on your dream, how many times have you done for everyone else but taken no time for "you", how many times have you wasted time doing something that takes you away from your goals, how many times have you said today is the day,
well today is the day ------It's Time!

New Sprint Phone - PPC-6700- Television, Phone, Camera All-in-1

Sprint Phone - PPC-6700: "Experience the powerful and feature-rich Sprint PCS VisionSM Smart Device PPC-6700, the first Pocket PC Phone Edition device on Windows Mobile 5.0 Software available in the U.S. It’s the newest mobile device platform from Microsoft�. With an exciting new form factor—smaller and lighter than traditional Pocket PC devices—this powerhouse has EV-DO built in, ready to support Sprint Mobile Broadband capabilities where available. It also sports a 416 MHz Intel� processor, megapixel camera and camcorder, a sliding QWERTY keyboard, and Bluetooth� and Wi-Fi data capabilities."

Prince Happy With New Record Deal

Click here for details: "'I got a chance to structure an agreement the way I saw fit instead of the other way around,' Prince said during a news conference to promote a video for his new single,'Te Amo Corazon.'"
I've been a Prince groupie (lil more than a fan) for 25 years, and it's finally time that his highness can be as creative with his gift the way we have always wanted him to be his new new album will be called 3121 and will be out very soon, the video Te Amo Corazon is already being played on VH-1. Keep up the good work Prince, and see you when you come to town. By the way, Salma Hayek, directed the video, how hot is that.