Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Detroit Auto Show

Photos from the Detroit Auto Show
Muscle-car enthusiasts disappointed by the four-door Charger introduced last year can rest easy knowing that the two-door Challenger is in the pipeline. Due as early as 2008, the aggressively styled Challenger will feature a 425-horsepower Hemi engine with a six-speed manual transmission and a sub-$28,000 price tag.

Monday, January 30, 2006

The TRSQ- High Glycemic Index-Food Chart

Here is a list of foods ranging from high glycemic indeces to low (100 being the highest), of course the low are the ones that one needs to consume for maximum sustained energy, the high end will definitely give you a boost in energy, but will wear off very quickly. Have you ever been working out when all of a sudden "bonk" no more energy that's where the low glycemic foods come into play, during your down times this is the range you need to consume, the high end should be consumed right before (one half to one hour) before your workout, and within 90 minutes after your workout. Wont get into the science of WHY now, but trust me this is a very effective way to keep those energy levels high.

Glucose 100 Orange 43 Instant Rice 90 All-bran 42 Baked potatoe 85 Spaghetti 41 Corn Flakes 84 Apple juice 41 Grahm crackers 74 Pear 36 Cheerios 74 Apple 36 Honey 73 Rye 34 Bagel 72 Chickpeas 33 Watermelon 72 Skim milk 32 White bread 70 Green beans 30 Table sugar 65 Lentils 29 Raisins 64 Kidney beans 27 Ice cream 61 Barley 25 Bran Muffin 60 Grapefruit 25 Orange juice 57 Plums 24 White rice 56 Cherries 22 Corn 55 Peanuts 15 Brown fice 55 Yogurt 14 Oatmeal cookie 55 Sweet potatoe 54 Banana 53

Monday, January 23, 2006

Kobe Bryant- 81 Points

Kobe Bryant
Stayed up to watch my other team the Lakers as Kobe dropped a history making 81 points---simply amazing!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Remastered Demo- I Gave You My Heart

Reapproached this cut after many fans advised me that the vocals were a little low on the original demo, so stepped back into the studio and this is the remastered version, check it out, I Gave You My Heart

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The TRSQ- I Gave You My Heart (Demo)

Well, today is my birthday (really my moms, she's the one that gave birth to me) thanks for all the well wishes. After rising late I was really feeling the creative juice oozin so sat down and put down a couple of chords, found a funky drum beat from the early 80's and "bam" out came the joint, I Gave You My Heart. The demo cut is upbeat with tempo sittin on 130 bpm. Its ok if you tap your foot and bob your head, thats just what I wanted.


Monday, January 16, 2006

TRSQ Commentary- Martin Luther King Jr. Day

How many of us were actually off today, how many off actually knew why, how many actually said Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day or even Happy MLK Day, how many even know why there is a Martin Luther King Jr. Day, how many of us personally thank him.
How many would like to know more about this great man Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?
Thanks Dr. King, your efforts have allowed me to comment on my blog freely, thanks!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

NaturesBeautyXX- Buffie, Esther Baxter, KiToy, Jessica White, NSFW, XX, Beyonce, and much more!

After much thought and plenty of feedback, I have decided to create an extension of my vision to a new link called NaturesBeautyXX(Link Corner), it was done after many TRSQ patrons had noted that with all of the Buffie pics and other natural beauties, that they lost the true vibe of my blog, which was really designed to showcase my music and all that moves me to make my music.
So today I have unleashed this link for all of my Dudes (and some dudettes) that see my vision also. Enjoy, NaturesBeautyXX

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Playstation 3

Playstation 3: : "Here you will find the latest and most accurate Playstation 3 News, Information, Pictures, Gossip, Secrets, Forums and much more! "

Bode Miller - Winter Olympics

Bode Miller "
The out-spoken Bode Miller will make his third trip to the Olympics with golden aspirations. Miller has been steadily improving since he burst onto the world stage at the 2002 Games in Salt Lake City."

This guy has just "got it" I really thought folks like this were no longer around, he truly is an inspiration and should be listened to more, his story is
a "must know". This is just an introduction, Bode meet the world, world this is Bode.
- Theron

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Buffie The Body or Ki Toy Johnson? Tale of the Tape

(click image to enlarge)

Wow, I never ever, wanted to be put in this kind of position, but looks like we have no choice. I would be remiss to mention that I have featured both of these Black Gems many many, times on my blog here, with articles such as Black Womans Body, I've had my eyes on them for quite a while, well, XXL has featured a contest, Tale of the Tape- Buffie The Body or Ki Toy Johnson? is this fair or what?, these two women have been truly blessed with gifts that many women would love to have (black, white, yellow and green) they both obviously have business savvy despite their different paths to notoriety, they both are graced with asses that are simply breathtaking ( def. take your breath away, heart racing, increase in blood pressure). So, if you were to really poll me, I would say that they are both queens and lets leave it as that, both very, very easy on the eyes, would love to hear your comments. credit: KC

Sunday, January 01, 2006

The TRSQ Pic' o' the Day- Beyonce Bites

New Demo--- Slide Right In

Happy New Year, for all, may all your dreams and wishes come true this 2006, been still pluggin away at some cuts, here is a new one called "Slide Right In", sped the tempo up on this cut, hope yall likes. (hit play button to the left)