Monday, January 30, 2006

The TRSQ- High Glycemic Index-Food Chart

Here is a list of foods ranging from high glycemic indeces to low (100 being the highest), of course the low are the ones that one needs to consume for maximum sustained energy, the high end will definitely give you a boost in energy, but will wear off very quickly. Have you ever been working out when all of a sudden "bonk" no more energy that's where the low glycemic foods come into play, during your down times this is the range you need to consume, the high end should be consumed right before (one half to one hour) before your workout, and within 90 minutes after your workout. Wont get into the science of WHY now, but trust me this is a very effective way to keep those energy levels high.

Glucose 100 Orange 43 Instant Rice 90 All-bran 42 Baked potatoe 85 Spaghetti 41 Corn Flakes 84 Apple juice 41 Grahm crackers 74 Pear 36 Cheerios 74 Apple 36 Honey 73 Rye 34 Bagel 72 Chickpeas 33 Watermelon 72 Skim milk 32 White bread 70 Green beans 30 Table sugar 65 Lentils 29 Raisins 64 Kidney beans 27 Ice cream 61 Barley 25 Bran Muffin 60 Grapefruit 25 Orange juice 57 Plums 24 White rice 56 Cherries 22 Corn 55 Peanuts 15 Brown fice 55 Yogurt 14 Oatmeal cookie 55 Sweet potatoe 54 Banana 53