Friday, August 04, 2006

The TRSQ Commentary- Why I Gravitate To The Black Woman

It should be noted that all women on the earth are truly fascinating gifts of nature, however the gift to all of mankind is the black woman. The black woman, the mother of all, the deliverer of man/womankind as we know it. My belief in her, is much deeper than what most would suspect; my fascination with her sheer beauty, her utter divine physiology , her hypnotic complexions, her intellectual prowess, and her spiritual fortitude are just the obvious attributes. Today I would like to discuss the invisible, but most powerful characteristic that many are unaware of but surely have suspected over the last 250 some years in this country (it has been known since the beginning of the human species). The word of the day is "melanin" (a skin pigment substance that gives the skin its color. Dark-skinned people have more melanin than light- skinned people. Melanin also acts as a sunscreen and protects the skin from ultraviolet light.) True, but very diluted.
This definition is just a fraction of the story. This is the definition that is supposed to pacify and satisfy those that are lacking color (albinism- a word for another commentary). Melanin is probably one of the most powerful chemicals on the face of the planet. Before getting into the mechanisms of melanin, lets first do some personal observations. Have you ever noticed why, being around a person of color seems to give you more energy. Have you ever noticed that being around a person of color seems to make you gravitate toward them? Have you ever noticed that being around a person of color, that you can't manage to keep your eyes off of them? Have you ever noticed that, be it in the day light or night light the person of color gives off a glow like no other?
Well, here are just some (not all) of the answers why these realities take place.
Most importantly is melanins ability to harness energy from sunlight, remember the sun is why life exsists, without it there would be no life forms here on the planet. Melanin has been scientifically proven to be able to harness energy. Just think people of color have the ability to get energy whenever the sun is shining how ironic. Remember energy is power and power is energy. Melanin also has the ability to keep time in sync, what I mean by that is, it as a derivative of the hormone melatonin, has the ability to pace all bodily functions in a constant steady rhythm. I will stop here for now, but my objective here was to begin the process of Waking Up, its time, Wake Up! I hope this explains my gravitation towards blackness; and specifically my physical, mental and spiritual gravitation to The Black Woman. There is much, much more to be talked about here, so start opening up those eyes. The minds eye.

Spectrasonics- Trilogy, Atmosphere and Stylus

This is just some of the gear that is used to bring my vision to your ears, Spectrasonics has really lead the way in developing a sound production platform that allows the artist to truly develop and nurture what he/she is trying to convey, without this gear, most of what you hear from the TRSQ camp would have never been possible.