Thursday, January 05, 2006

Buffie The Body or Ki Toy Johnson? Tale of the Tape

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Wow, I never ever, wanted to be put in this kind of position, but looks like we have no choice. I would be remiss to mention that I have featured both of these Black Gems many many, times on my blog here, with articles such as Black Womans Body, I've had my eyes on them for quite a while, well, XXL has featured a contest, Tale of the Tape- Buffie The Body or Ki Toy Johnson? is this fair or what?, these two women have been truly blessed with gifts that many women would love to have (black, white, yellow and green) they both obviously have business savvy despite their different paths to notoriety, they both are graced with asses that are simply breathtaking ( def. take your breath away, heart racing, increase in blood pressure). So, if you were to really poll me, I would say that they are both queens and lets leave it as that, both very, very easy on the eyes, would love to hear your comments. credit: KC